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Your road to monetizing
the web starts here.

At the intersection of online advertising and innovative apps exists Blvd Media Group.

Premium Content

Website owners know the importance of both protecting and monetizing premium content.

Whether your site offers videos, music, e-books, or downloads,
Blvd Media Group’s AccessTool®
is the most advanced content blocker available.

The AccessTool® increases user
engagement of advertiser offers
by using your premium content
as an incentive.

Virtual Currency

Virtual currency has emerged as
the lifeblood of online games, social networks and virtual communities.

Blvd Media Group has developed
the premiere virtual currency monetization system called the RewardTool®.

So whether your site runs on gold, tokens, or any other virtual
currency, the RewardTool®
will help maximize your
revenue potential.

Incentive advertising

Incentive Marketing, affiliate marketing, or CPA (cost per action) is all a way of saying the same thing.

In essence, incentive advertising is a lead generation method, which requires users to complete specific tasks and provide information to the advertiser in exchange for credits
or content.

Incentive offers include surveys, downloads, trial offers, purchases and more.

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